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Many patients inquire about nutritional supplements for hair loss, and determining their effectiveness can be somewhat challenging given that so many options are available. The usefulness of these supplements likely depends on the type of hair loss being treated and an individual’s characteristics. For instance, iron supplementation can be helpful for women experiencing hair shedding. Nutritional supplements may also be beneficial for those who don’t consume a balanced diet and are lacking certain key vitamins and nutrients. However, it remains unclear if these supplements are generally effective overall for hair loss or for patients with hair thinning.

A recent review article examined this issue by including 30 articles on nutritional supplements: 17 randomized clinical trials (RCTs), 11 non-RCT clinical studies, and two case series studies. This review considered various types of hair loss, not just hair shedding or thinning. The study found that Viviscal, Nutrafol, Nourkrin, Lamdapil, Pantogar, capsaicin and isoflavone, omegas 3 and 6 with antioxidants, apple nutraceutical, total glucosides of paeony and compound glycyrrhizin tablets, zinc, tocotrienol, and pumpkin seed oil demonstrated the highest-quality evidence for potential benefit. Additionally, adverse events were rare and mild for all the supplements evaluated.

In particular, Nutrafol, Viviscal, and Untangled are comprehensive supplements containing multiple ingredients, including proprietary components. They have shown benefits for individuals with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and/or hair thinning, and are typically recommended for patients interested in nutritional supplements.

It is important to note that some comprehensive nutritional supplements may interfere with blood tests or other laboratory tests (specifically demonstrated with biotin supplementation) and should be discontinued prior to undergoing lab work. Some supplements may also interact with other medications or cause unwanted side effects.

In summary, nutritional supplements may have a role in hair restoration, and a comprehensive supplement could potentially improve hair thinning with relatively low risk. However, it should be incorporated as only one component of a comprehensive hair restoration program.

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What is the difference between hair supplements and regular vitamins?

These hair supplements are formulated with components that are specifically designed to support hair growth and so are therefore more effective than typical daily multi-vitamins that are not designed to grow hair.

Are there side effects?

Generally, these are well tolerated, but one could always be allergic to certain components of the ingredients.

How long does it take to see results?

Results can vary among individuals. Some people may start to notice improvements in hair quality, thickness, and growth within a few months of consistent use. However, it may take several months or longer to observe significant changes. Continuous use is generally recommended to sustain the results.

Can these be used in combination with other hair loss treatments?

Yes, it is recommended that these be used as a complementary treatment alongside other hair loss interventions, such as topical minoxidil or prescribed medications. Combining therapies may provide synergistic effects and address hair loss from different angles.

What else should I know about these?

You should be aware that certain components of these vitamins can interfere with lab tests and they should probably be discontinue before getting bloodwork, out of caution.



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